Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2021-02-12


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in video courses where a relaunch and quick exit could lose progress in the video
  • Fix issue with deleting courses when SystemDatabaseEnabled was set to false

  • Fix issues with SCORM launches when UseDeltaRecordResultsPayload is set to true

  • [Offline Extension] Fixes bug with /player/zip and /courses/{courseid}/zip when using S3 as a file store.


  • Allow override of RemoteDeliverUrl on launch through the new remoteUrlKey url parameter and values configured in RemoteDeliverPageUrlMap setting
  • Update some Java dependencies (bcprov-jdk15on, commons-fileupload) to address CVEs


Dispatch Changes


  • Adds new setting DispatchMasteryScoreOverrideBehavior to allow a mastery score from the remote LMS to override the success status of the course based on the score
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