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I have a cmi5 course that refuses to launch in the frameset, even if I have scoLaunchtype set to Frameset. Is there something extra that needs to be done to require the course to follow the launch behavior I request?



Inside your cmi5.xml file, you are going to find an element called launchmethod.  It is going to be the element that will help get you the behavior you are looking for.  

  • A value of “OwnWindow” will require the LMS to launch the AU either in a new browser window, or the LMS may redirect the current window to the AU.

  • A value of "AnyWindow” indicates that the AU does not care about the window context. All browser window options are acceptable, such as in a Frameset, in a New Window, a browser redirect, etc.

In your case, if you set your launchmethod to "AnyWindow" it will allow your course to launch in a Frameset as it indicates that the AU will allow any kind of launch.  

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