Breaking Changes In Engine 23


Note: If you are upgrading from a version of Engine before 22, please see breaking changes in Engine 22 . Everything in that article will apply as well.


Deprecation Notice

This is the last release in which the following are supported:

  • Non-API integrations with Engine -- This means using a custom in-process integration class loaded by the LogicIntegrationClassName setting or calling public methods on Engine's internal libraries (e.g., using ScormEngineManager to import courses)
  • The ability to disable StoreRuntimeDataAsLob -- all registration details in the future will be stored as a LOB in the database, which will make running queries for reporting directly against Engine's tables impractical
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 -- support for .NET Framework will be dropped in favor of .NET 8
  • Support for Java EE (used in Tomcat 9 and below) will be dropped in favor of Jakarta EE (Tomcat 10 and above)

You should evaluate your current usage of these deprecated features and start planning for how to migrate away from them before the next major Engine release.


Things Changed or Removed in Engine 23


TinCan "Launched" Statement

When tracking is disabled, Engine will no longer generate and save a "Launched" statement during TinCan launch processing regardless of whether GenerateTinCanLaunchStatements is enabled.


Reduced support for legacy xAPI versions below 1.0.x, aka "TinCan" 0.90, 0.95

Engine will now only support launch, tracking, and bookmarking of content using these precursors to the xAPI specification. It will no longer support less common operations such as reading statements back. This should have minimal impact as people doing more than that have generally upgraded a long time ago.


PlayerEnableFlowNav Setting

Prior to this major release, the PlayerEnableFlowNav setting had no effect on the player UI when launching SCORM 2004 courses. This will change, and setting PlayerEnableFlowNav to "false" will hide the player UI's "Previous" and "Next" buttons for SCORM 2004 courses. Consequently, this could result in unexpected UI display if PlayerEnableFlowNav is currently set to "false" in either the RusticiEngineSettings configuration file or modern configuration system (V2 REST API).


EnvironmentVariableTokenAllowList Setting

If you are using environment variables to populate Engine configuration settings dynamically, you will now need to declare them in EnvironmentVariableTokenAllowList, as a security measure.


Updated System Requirements

Engine now has the following updates to its system requirements for self-hosted customers:

  • MySQL 8 or above
  • MS SQL Server 2019 or above
  • PostgreSQL 12
  • Oracle 19c
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