Engine 2017.1.22.638


Released 2018-01-12



  • Add ability to specify the 'tracking' parameter on the registration launchLink endpoint in the API
  • Concurrent launch page will now use translatable strings where applicable (not all language translations for these strings are included yet)
  • Engine will no longer try to fetch xAPI activity metadata for URLs that are known to not be valid


  • Fix Tomcat 8+ block of CORS preflight requests for SCORM/AICC progress updates (relevant to those hosting the player on a separate domain from Engine)
  • Fix bug with Cloudfront auth cookies for AICC content

Upgrade Tool

  • Added ability to increase the column width of engine_tenant_id during an upgrade
  • Added some settings to help prevent errors on platforms where the maximum size of a SQL statement you can execute is limited
  • Fixed a bug with that occurred with sequences on auto-increment columns when performing a cross-database upgrade in PostgreSQL
  • Fixed a bug that affected cross-database upgrades for customers coming from the LWS version of Engine
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an incorrect configuration error to be logged during Java upgrades
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