Engine 2017.1.21.600


Released 2018-01-05



  • Added the ability to retrieve a preview launch link for a specific course version through the API
  • Engine will now include interaction activity details (questions/answers) from xAPI content in the RegistrationSummarySchema returned by the /progress/detail or "full" format rollup postback. This will only apply to statements received after updating to this version.


  • Fixed malformed policy error with Cloudfront cookies created with the .NET version of Engine
  • Fixed a bug with how some 3rd party AICC data is handled in .NET environments
  • Make Engine's player menu links have proper mouse pointer style when enabled
  • Fixed a potential caching bug with tenant-scoped configurations for customers running without a system database
  • Pushed a number of fixes/improvements for Dispatch functionality (separate license). Notable differences: improves support of launches in more strict X-Frame-Options setups; fixes intermittent issue with Tin Can launches; drops support for IE8 and below; fixes setting of interaction results in the 3rd party LMS
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