Content Controller v2.0.47


Released 2017-12-19

New Features

  • Add forgot password process (requires email to be configured)
  • Send welcome emails to new users for setting an account password (requires email to be configured)
  • Add bundle usage counts to content/equivalent detail views
  • Add password strength meter to encourage more secure passwords

Major Improvements

  • Validate user passwords against a commonly used password list and enforce minimum lengths as recommended in NIST Special Publication 800-63B
  • Replaced Tomcat's JDBC connection pool with HikariCP in SCORM Engine for improved error handling during DB failover on Amazon Aurora

Minor Improvements

  • Add tooltip descriptions to course configuration options
  • Improve content debug log UI

Bug Fixes

  • Hide some previously uncaught SCORM Engine error messages from end users
  • Fix an issue preventing course import with all browsers in Windows
  • Fix server error when exporting Account Usage Overview report
  • Fix server error when downloading an empty CSV report
  • Fix an issue preventing user email addresses from updating correctly
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