Engine 2017.1.19.535


Released 2017-12-01



  • Added the ability to use native INSERT / ON CONFLICT upserts in PostgreSql 9.5 or above. This should improve performance. To get this behavior, you must add the UseNativePostgreSqlUpserts setting


  • Fixes preview launches for AICC content
  • Removed some incorrect translations under the Finnish launguage
  • Handle potential cross-origin parent access when player is included in a page from a different domain
  • Fix bug with SCORM 1.1 support in the player
  • Adds missing cloudfront DLL to .NET release.

Upgrade Tool

  • Improves handling of inappropriate null values in upgraded data sets. Deletes registration and package properties properly when storing configuration settings in the tenant database.
  • Upgrade tool will strip out default values from customer integration columns unless they are explicitly defined.
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