Reportage - Learner View


The Learner page in Reportage contains a 90 day snapshot of a Learners activity.


Learner Transcript

This will be a transcript of all the courses assigned to this learner including what we call the "Big 4" (completion/satisfaction/score/total time).


Learning Objectives

These will be defined by the course (likely in the manifest) and are concise statements about what students will be able to do when they complete instruction. Each objective is reported on separately.


Registration Groups

These are all the registration tags associated with a Learner.

  • Complete - % of tagged Registrations that have completed assigned courses
  • Passed - % of tagged Registrations that have passed assigned courses
  • Avg Score - Average score for tagged Registrations across assigned courses
  • Avg Time(Mins) - Average time spent for tagged Registrations across assigned courses


Learner Comments

This feature is not often used. However, this section will contain any learner comments if that is available to set within the course.


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