Content Controller: Tagging


Tags make it easier to categorize and navigate large content libraries.  Tags can be applied to courses, equivalents, and licensing bundles, and you can search by tag when attempting to locate content throughout the application.

Tagging a Course

To tag a piece of content, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Content section of the application, and click on the Courses tab.

  2. Select the course you wish to tag.  The Course Details view will open.  Expand the Tags section.

  3. The Tags view will appear. Click in the area that says Add a tag and type the value you wish to use, then press Enter.


    Note: If you're using an existing tag, as you are typing, it will show up in the autocomplete list.  Click it to add it to the list.


  4. The tag will appear in the list.  To remove the tag, click the X beside the tag.


Searching by Tag

To search by tag, follow these steps:

  1. Find a content search box.

  2. Begin typing the name of the tag you wish to search.

  3. Click on the tag in the autocomplete list.

  4. The search icon will change to a tag icon to signal that you're searching by tag, and the list will update to show content associated with that tag.


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