Content Controller: Account and Licensing Details


The Account Details page provides useful information about an account such as the license type, license alert subscriptions, notes, usage details, and licensing information.

To open the Account Details view, go to the Accounts section of the application.


Select the account you wish to view.  The Account Details will appear:


  • Deactivate/Activate - Deactivates or reactivates an account.

  • Edit - Opens the dialog to Edit an Account.

  • License Type - The currently selected licensing scheme for the account.

  • License Alerts - Displays YES if License Alert Emails are enabled or NO if they are disabled.  There must be at least one subscriber for license alerts to be enabled.

  • Notes - Notes about the account.

  • Sent To - A list of email addresses that will receive License Alert Emails when an account is nearing or has exceeded its limits.

  • Usage - Details about an account's usage.
    • Last Activity - the last time content was launched
    • Active Courses - the number of active (not deactivated) content assigned to the account
    • Total Courses - the total number (activated and deactivated) of content assigned to the account
    • In-Progress Learners - the number of learners that have launched content, but haven't completed it
    • Total Learners - the total number of learners that have attempted content
    • Total Registrations - the total number of registrations (a learner taking a course) (for example, if learner 1 takes course A and course B, learner 2 takes course A - that would be 3 total registrations)

  • Licenses - Details about licenses associated with an account.  This view will vary depending on the License Type of the account.
    • Unlimited - This view will not appear, because an Unlimited account does not use licenses.
    • Limit By Account -


      Displays licenses associated with the account.  The currently active license (if any) will be highlighted in blue.
      Future and past licenses will also appear, to make it easy to see historical usage, or to see which licenses are setup for future use or auto-rollover.

      You can Delete or Edit an account license, or you can Add a new account license.

    • Limit by Course -


      Displays active licenses associated with account content.

      You can Edit a content license.  Managing content licenses occurs in the detail panel for each content.

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