Engine 2017.1.13.405


Released 2017-10-20

Note: Due to improvements and fixes in the player in this and several earlier maintenance releases, it is strongly suggested that customers using 2017.1 update to this version (or any version after it).



  • NET web.config connection string section (encrypted or not) may now be referenced to supply connection strings (see discussion of connection strings in the docs)
  • Many improvements to Dispatch functionality -- now supports exporting as SCORM 2004 3rd Edition and AICC, with interaction support in SCORM 2004 dispatches. [Note: Dispatch is a separately licensed feature]
  • Allow client debugger settings to be set on a per-registration basis.


  • When clearing registration progress, configuration settings previously specified for the registration are no longer removed
  • Reverts some behavior related to RedirectOnExitUrl and absolute urls (caused an issue for a small number of customers)
  • Fix missing dependency in the .NET api client library zip
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