Engine 2016.1.37.1083


Released 2017-09-20



  • Correct issue in modern player where the bottom portion of content may become inaccessible depending on viewport size, window size, course menu contents, whether the navigation header is visible, etc.


  • Fixes some issues with Central/Remote architecture when launching from the remote system
  • Fix an issue where we leave too many file handles open when importing on Java
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain fields of RegistrationSummary to not be populated when calling Registration.GetRegistrationSummary (integration customers only).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the "noop" and "noop_message" redirect URLs from functioning properly.
  • Fix bug with version number retrieval in the .NET installer.

Upgrade Tool

  • Add system-only and tenant-only modes to the upgrade tool and installer.
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