Content Controller v2.0.37


Released 2017-11-29

For self-hosted environments, please read these instructions before deploying this update.

New Features

License Templates

Account managers can now define license limits in templates that can then be applied to multiple accounts and content. For example, a “One Year or Ten Thousand Learners” license that allows access for up to one year or 10,000 learners can be created once, instead of having to create those same limits multiple times.

License Renewals and Extensions

Account managers can roll their accounts and content from one license to another either manually or automatically, and also edit individual license limits.

License Alert Emails

Daily emails can be sent for accounts that are approaching or have exceeded their license limits.

Course License Bundles

Account managers can create bundles of content that are licensed as a single unit. For example, a “Gold” bundle that includes the entire content catalog, or a “Silver” bundle that only includes part. 

Tagging and Search

Content can be searched for by name or by user-applied tags. Content search now also has autocompletions for names and tags.

Bulk Operations

An improved UI flow, along with tagging and search, makes it easy for an account manager to select tens or hundreds of courses, equivalents, and licensing bundles at once and assign them them an account.


Major Improvements

  • Substantial performance improvements in reporting and usage query run times
  • Upgrade to SCORM Engine 2017
  • Switch to SCORM Engine's Modern Player by default for accessibility improvements
  • Server Side Course Import (SDXD) now supports launching content in remote domains
  • Add support for importing cmi5 courses
  • Upgrade MariaDB Connector/J to 2.2.0 for better Amazon Aurora support


Minor Improvements


  • Previews can be created from the previews list
  • Prevent creating multiple content with the same name
  • Equivalent language selection dropdown is localized to each language option
  • Equivalent language defaults to the last language selected by the learner from any equivalent launch


  • Error messages occurring during launch are rendered nicer and more descriptive
  • Equivalent languages options are translated to their own language

List Views

  • Status indicators
    • Account content license status
    • Preview limit status
    • Report limit status
    • Shared report generation status
  • Use infinite scrolling to improve initial load times
  • Performance optimizations for rendering long and complex lists
  • Most are now searchable
  • Inactive items are now shown in the same lists (most lists can be filtered by Active/Inactive)


  • Donut charts show percentages, and on rollover, show counts
  • Stack legends on charts and replace code with user friendly text
  • 'Other' only shows on charts with more than 5 accounts or content
  • Shared reports list moved from System Admin to the Reports section
  • Add date range to learner report CSV
  • Improve appearance of report grids and grouped rows


  • If SSL is enabled, force using the UI via HTTPS instead of HTTP (this does not affect HTTP only LMSs)

User Experience

  • More consistent use of loading indicators when queries are in-progress
  • Lists, searching, item selection, and drop down appearance and behavior is more consistent
  • Notifications are visible while using modals
  • Add contextual tooltips to explain the purpose of certain charts, options, etc
  • Simplify creating an account, adding content, etc by adding step-by-step flows


Bug Fixes

  • Equivalent previews now launch the active content versions instead of the initial versions
  • Redirect to the sign in page when the session expires
  • Redirection after sign in works more consistently
  • Fix issue causing notifications to occasionally not appear
  • SDXD content can be deactivated, reactivated, and deleted
  • Frames and scrollbars in SDXD content packages are now hidden
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