Engine 2016.1.36.1062


Released 2017-09-07



  • Added a new setting to change the way mobile launches behave when using a PlayerScoLaunchType of FRAMESET. Turning this on treats mobile and desktop launches the same, and no longer requires the use of the forceFrameset launch parameter to get that behavior.


  • Reverted a change in behavior related to the trimming of trailing slashes (/) in SystemHomepageUrl values.

    NOTE: If you are currently using a Engine version 2016.1.22 through 2016.1.35, and are using TinCan/xAPI/cmi5 content, then please read this article for more details about this change! You may need to update to this version.

Upgrade Tool

  • Fixed an issue where the TableNameMapping setting was incorrectly applied in upgrades.
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