Content Controller v1.2.315


Released 2017-08-17

New Features

  • X-UA-Compatible header can be enabled to fix rendering issues in IE 11 Enterprise Mode
  • Added automation API endpoints for managing custom launch data

Minor Improvements

  • Fix caching issues in IE 11
  • Made database pool initialSize parameter requirements more obvious
  • Add lazy-loading to course usage report grids
  • Relax log levels on SDXD launches
  • Handle parsing latency values formatted as 00:00:00.00
  • Add missing index on learner_launch to improve performance
  • Improve performance on Course Usage Overview grid queries
  • Log import job ID when import times out

Bug Fixes

  • Fix automation API issue preventing a bulk content zip from being downloaded unless the account had equivalents and courses
  • Fix automation API internal server error when trying to filter the account list
  • Correctly handle date range filtering on Course Usage Overview grid
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