Content Controller v1.2.306


Released 2017-06-09

Minor Improvements

- Attempting to create a new account or equivalent with a duplicate name is now an error. Importing a course with a duplicate name generates a warning message.
- Warnings from the course manifest parser are now displayed after importing a new course.
- Updates to the "Shared Reports" page, including the ability to edit a shared link.
- All course selection modals have been updated with a standardized interface that includes search and "infinite scrolling".
- The modal for adding courses to an account now only lists courses that haven't already been added.
- Resetting a user's password requires re-authentication.
- Fields that appear to be Excel formulas or DDE functions are now filtered from CSV reports.
- The SQL query for Learner History CSV export has been heavily optimized for both running time and disk usage.
- Provisional results for SCORM 2004 courses are immediately sent to the remote LMS after a SCO sets completion and calls Commit. Previously, results were only sent after a SCO calls Terminate.

Bug Fixes

- All database inserts are now rolled back when a request to publish a course version fails.
- A database connection-sharing issue that can cause version publishing to fail has been fixed.
- The default number of import threads has been reduced so as not to overload Engine's database connection pool.
- The "Account Usage Overview" report counts are now properly scoped to the selected account.
- The "Limit by Course" license management report counts are now properly scoped per account.
- CloudFront cookies now allow access to all versions of the launched course, not just the currently published version.

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