Content Controller v1.2.299


Released 2017-04-10

New Features

* A RESTful API is available for automating tasks such as importing content and creating accounts. Use the System Admin -> Applications page to register API applications and download documentation.
* Most reports can now be shared as a link to a CSV file download. The shared links can be managed from the System Admin -> Shared Reports page.
* Multiple courses can be selected and downloaded at once as a ZIP-of-ZIPs from the Account Courses page by using the checkboxes next to each course and equivalent's title.
* Tags can be added to courses and equivalents from the Content page. Searching for content by tag will be available in an upcoming release.

Minor Improvements

* Changed how learning standard detection works for dispatch packages, for compatibility with LMSs that provide APIs for multiple standards at runtime.
* Users are now returned to their previous page after being redirected to the login page after their authentication expires.
* The course selection dialog for learner reports supports searching by title.
* The bulk import tool has been updated to use the new automation API, and has some new features as well. See its for more information.
* Optimized several SQL queries.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue in the content search box that sometimes resulted in unclearable search text.
* Learners taking an equivalent are now counted once for the entire equivalent, not once per course that they take within the equivalent.
* Adding a column to the learner report table maintains your position instead of scrolling back to the top.
* The login page shows authentication errors again.
* The course configuration page shows the course's version number again.
* Switched to a relative redirect for iphone-deliver.jsp. This fixes mixed-content errors for certain server configurations.
* The "In-Progress Learners" graph in the Course Usage by Account report now shows only the accounts for the selected course.

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