Content Controller v1.1.280


Released 2017-02-15

New Features

* xAPI attachments in learner reports.
* Custom launch data for equivalents.
* Per-account equivalent testing and configuration.
* Per-account forwarding of xAPI statements.
* Option to allow content launches after limits are reached.
* Custom login page messages.
* Ability to deactivate content at the content pool and account levels.

Minor Improvements

* Application management page for the upcoming automation API.
* Launch behavior and navigation settings for new versions of a course are copied from the currently published version.
* Per-account notes for equivalents.
* Allow either the course or the language to be selected first when creating or editing an equivalent.
* Server error message do not include stack traces by default.

Bug Fixes

* Only send interactions data to the remote LMS for content exported as SCORM 2004.
* Show the correct values for the launchNumber field in the learner history CSV report.
* Show correct launch counts for equivalents in the account usage overview report.
* Fix launches of xAPI and AICC content from non-TLS clients.
* The "Test" button in the new version dialog launches the correct course version.
* Course details reflect the currently published version.

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