The Modern Player in SCORM Engine


For some time now, SCORM Engine has offered a new player behind the scenes, which we have dubbed the “Modern Player.” In comparison to our previous, “Legacy Player,” the Modern Player is responsive and great for customers wanting to launch content on mobile devices (you can see how great the Modern Player looks across devices in screenshots below).

What the Modern Player does
Playing SCORM in a browser has two aspects.

The first is the SCORM API, which covers data formatting, communication, roll up rules and plenty of other “SCORMy” details. This has been rock solid for years and we have made only incremental changes to it.

The second is the actual UI and presentation to the user. This involves navigation menus, title bars, exit buttons and framing the content inside of an environment where it can interact with the SCORM API. It is this second aspect we’ve overhauled. Our Modern Player is a cleaner HTML5 implementation that uses a responsive design common in web development.

Who should use the Modern Player
Well, really almost everyone. The exception is someone who needs to support older browsers that aren’t HTML5 compliant.

If you are using a custom CSS for the legacy player, you will need to update the CSS for the Modern Player before making the switch. Configuration Settings can be found here.

The Modern Player in action
Below are some screenshots of the same course being launched with the Legacy Player and the Modern Player. You can see that while the technical backbone of these updates is dramatic, the player's look and feel has not changed too much.

Questions about these changes? Send an email to

Modern Player

 Mobile: with Navigation Barscorm-engine-modern-player-mobile.png

Desktop: with Navigation Bar

Desktop: with Table of Contents


Desktop: without Navigation Bar

Legacy Player

 Mobile: with Navigation Bar


Desktop: with Navigation Bar

Desktop: without Navigation Bar

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