Engine 2016.1.29.997


Released 2017-07-19



  • Makes offline exporter use GetFilePathToContent integration method overrides and will automatically create missing directories in offline folder path when necessary (only relevant to customers licensing Offline SDK, and overriding GetFilePathToContent in their integration)


  • Fixed failure of Engine on Oracle, which had been recently introduced
  • Fixes xAPI statement piping failure to systems that refuse to accept an encoding in the content type, such as Learning Locker.
  • Fix error when using Java's ScormEngineManagerService.UpdatePackageProperties web service with Tin Can packages.
  • Fix errors in Console's Launch History report when certain values are null
  • Fix bug in Console's StatementViewer that was preventing access to non-default endpoints.

Upgrade Tool

  • Stop preserving PENS data during the upgrade.
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