Engine 2016.1.23.893


Released 2017-06-08

Note: This release removes support for Oracle 11.1 and lower (which is already below our stated system requirements)



  • Allow usage of instance profile authentication when using built-in S3 file store feature
  • Allow customers to implement their own provider for getting JDBC connections
  • Updated default SCORMEngineSettings configuration file template to remove unnecessary items and add some newer ones that are broadly relevant to new customers
  • xAPIFilesPath setting is no longer required for customers using xAPI unless they use content storing large documents or attachments


  • Fixes error thrown when using ApiImportResultsPostbackUrl and importing by manifest
  • Fixes an issue on Websphere with Oracle JDBC connections
  • LRS statements endpoint properly handles queries by activity id where the id contained querystring parameters of its own (Java only) 
  • Fixes some issues with updating xAPI activity definitions

Upgrade Tool

  • Adds some additional logging for missing tables
  • Improvements to orphan row removal
  • Improvements to the handling of duplicate records found during the upgrade of registration and course tables (see documentation)
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