Engine 2016.1.19.708


Released 2017-04-18


  • Allow missing external configuration fields in serialization (primarily could help pre-2015.1.x customers who upgrade)
  • Refactoring to help non-API customers who upgrade to take advantage of the rollup registration postback mechanism


  • Add xApiPipe related schema classes to the API client library
  • Prevent integration audit errors when certain file path settings in the config are empty
  • Log stack traces for errors on launch and load of the player
  • Fix 500 error when trying to read headers for malformed xAPI attachment request
  • Various fixes related passing ADL's LRS conformance test suite

Upgrade Tool

  • Implement batched upserts for increased performance (not applicable to PostgreSQL)
  • Add option to skip orphan row cleanup
  • Allow users to specify a start date for the row copy phase
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