Engine 2016.1.14.491


Released 2017-02-21

New Features

  • Adds more accessibility improvements to modern player.
  • Defaults the ActivityTreeControl to use the latest instance/version if not specified.
  • Improves Offline Exporter error reporting.
  • Adds sequence numbers to player postbacks.


  • Fixes bug that caused launches to fail if a customer didn't have a value for WebPathToContentRoot.
  • Fixes "double-slash" issues in offline exporter that were causing it to fail to create the offline package.
  • Prevents AICC imports from failing on strict case-sensitive filesystems when the manifest files' extensions are upper-case.

Upgrade Tool

  • Disables the offline indexing feature by default in MySQL (because it does not work on MySQL 5.5). You can enable offline indexing on MySQL and Oracle by providing the OnlineIndexingEnabled configuration setting. It is still always enabled for SqlServer and always disabled on PostgreSQL.
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