Engine 2016.1.12.419


Released 2017-02-10

New Features

  • Adds a new "Managed" Oracle data helper that uses the most recent Oracle-supported data helper with managed .NET code. This will become the default Oracle data helper in the next release.
  • Adds a customizable message feature to the intermediate page.


  • Fixes an issue with Modern Player error handling that caused a button to lose its title.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the Engine upgrade to fail when processing Statement Pipe support tables.
  • Fixes an issue with SCORM API error handling that was causing issues with dispatched courses.
  • Fixes issues with concurrent launch "cancel" link when using redirectOnExit launch URL parameter.

Upgrade Tool

  • Adds the capability for the upgrade tool to return its status when integrated into a larger application.
  • Adds support for online indexing. This feature is always enabled on MySQL and SqlServer, always disabled on PostgreSQL, and enabled via configuration setting on Oracle.
  • Fixes some (but not all) of the "recursive logging" errors in the .NET upgrade. (The complete fix depends on some changes to the third-party log4net project.)
  • Fixes culture-sensitivity issues (e.g., number format) in the .NET upgrade.


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