Engine 2016.1.11.356


Released 2017-01-27

New Features

  • Adds of Statement Forwarding API.
  • Adds API for setting custom course titles.
  • Adds a setting that automatically returns the launch page to the LMS when content exits (mostly relevant for cmi5/Tin Can).


  • Allows preview launches to use package properties.
  • Improves cmi5 support for activity runtime and interactions.
  • Adds supports for more languages, including latin-american Spanish.
  • Adds UTC timestamp to interactions in API registration reports.
  • Adds numerous accessibility improvements to responsive ("modern") player.
  • Allows cmi5 to use GetPathToPackage overrides.
  • Improves performance of player postback to Engine.
  • Increases time between initial PENS retries.
  • Adds a setting to improve performance of registration reporting API calls (by ommitting some information).
  • Updates xAPI metadata to reflect our xAPI version 1.0.3 support.


  • Eliminates a potential XSS vector in the deliver page.
  • Fixes an xAPI bug where some interaction objects would fail to deserialize based on field ordering in JSON.
  • Fixes case-sensitivity issues with xAPI Actor objects.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented central/remote AICC content from tracking progress.

Upgrade Tool

  • Overhauls upgrade tool configuration, introducing case-insensitivity, better validation, better logging, and more.
  • Prevents an upgrade failure when using a database schema on SqlServer.
  • Prevents an upgrade failure when using non-zero default tenant IDs.
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