Engine 2016.1.22.831


Released 2017-05-19


  • Include cookies when proxying launch page request from remote to central server (Applicable only to customers using the central/remote architecture)
  • Allow setting configuration values for specific versions of a course through the API
  • Use "_blank" for target when launching the player in a new window to allow launching of multiple courses at once
  • Adds setting to disable setReadOnly calls in JDBC
  • Adds new setting to have Engine pass along specified parameters from the initial launch url to the SCOs that it loads in the player
  • Adds getDispatchZip and getDestinationDispatchesZip to the Dispatch client library


  • Fix logger reference in Logger.aspx page
  • Fix problem in the Console package properties editor when using the non-default tenant
  • Improved error reporting for API importing
  • Fix error with concurrent launch page when using the signed launch link feature
  • Remove default port (443) for https urls when building value for xAPI endpoint and AICC_URL
  • Fixed some xAPI conformance and version 0.90 issues
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