Engine 2016.1.20.747


Released 2017-05-01


  • Updated api documentation with better examples
  • Add some convenience methods to the RollupRegistrationData object to reduce code necessary in customer integration override (for integration customers overriding RollupRegistration)
  • Allow disabling of abbreviated external id syntax (for integration customers)
  • Engine api model classes pulled into their own library for sharing between the api client and Dispatch client on .NET


  • Include global objectives in registration progress result
  • RollupRegistrationData object properly reports data for xAPI content (for integration customers overriding RollupRegistration)
  • Properly respect registration-level player settings set through the API

Upgrade Tool

  • Fix Oracle issue with implicit indexes
  • Fix external foreign key detection for multi-tenant database upgrades
  • Support copying LWS registration instancing options during upgrade


Special Note 

If you are a .NET customer using the API, and you have the value "RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.api" for the LogicIntegrationAssemblyName setting in your SCORMEngineSettings.config file, you will need to change that to "RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.apiCommon" with this release.

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