Engine 2016.1.17.613


Released 2017-03-16

New Features

  • Adds built-in support for importing courses to S3 and using S3 to store xAPI attachments and large xAPI documents
  • Adds support for running Engine without a system database, with certain caveats.


  • Updates logback to 1.2.1, allowing more options for logging configuration on Java.


  • SELECT statements are no longer invoked with retries, which should help solve deadlock issues on certain configurations.

Upgrade Tool

  • Saves upgrade progress periodically during the row-copy step. This will allow users to cancel an upgrade (e.g., by using ctrl-C) without losing saved upgrade progress.
  • Updates log4net to 2.0.8. This should prevent the annoying (but benign) error messages about "recursive locks" from showing up during the .NET upgrade.


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