Content Controller Troubleshooting: Creating a Debug Package


In Content Controller, when you want to start allowing a new LMS to access your content, you'll need to Share a package (or what we often call a proxy file) which points to the content hosted on your servers.

But what if the LMS can't launch the content? Then we need a way to discover why.

To do so, you can generate a debug package on the fly via the `Course Details' Page.

1. Select the course you'd like to use to debug

2. Click `Troubleshooting'

3. Click the arrow to expose your options

4. Click `Create Debug Package'Screen_Shot_2021-03-18_at_10.48.37_AM.png

5. Select the specification you'd like to share the course in.


6. Click `Download'

7. Have the client upload the course into their LMS and launch.



When they launch the course, there will be a new window which shows detailed information about the interaction between the Share package and the target LMS. This should allow you to pinpoint the root cause of the error.

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