Why do I have to use Return to LMS to close my xAPI course?



In the SCORM Cloud, I have launched and taken my xAPI, when I exit, I expect the course to return to my home page once I exit it, but instead it takes me to a page where I must click "Return to LMS". What is this so?


In the SCORM world, a piece of content depends on the player to detect that that course is complete and return to the LMS, xAPI content is a bit different. xAPI content does not need to depend on a player, or LMS, to manage the content. xAPI content is simply content running in a browser that can post results back to some server. Given the lack of a player, and the free form nature of xAPI content, there is nothing wrapping the content, such as the old SCORM player, to detect that the course has ended and perform the redirect.

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