New and Improved xAPI support for SCORM Cloud


If you use the SCORM Cloud application a lot, you may have noticed a new tab that we just added to the interface- LRS. While SCORM Cloud has had xAPI support for quite awhile, it wasn't always easy fo know where to go to see the statements housed in your SCORM Cloud hosted LRS. Now, we've made it much easier to do a bunch of cool stuff with xAPI in SCORM Cloud. And it supports xAPI 1.0!

What's in the LRS section of SCORM Cloud?

This is your window to the xAPI world. Here, you can discover the xAPI LRS endpoints available to your account, give activity providers access to these endpoints, and view the xAPI statements that have been stored in your LRS.

LRS Endpoints

Each application in your SCORM Cloud account has it's own unique endpoint.  Any registrations launched from these applications (SCORM or xAPI) will send xAPI statements to that endpoint/ LRS. 

Activity Providers
This is the area where you can give an activity provider the ability to send statements to your LRS. Just click the "add provider" button, and a new instance will be added. Edit the "label" to keep yourself organized. Choose basic auth or OAuth, depending on what authentication type your activity provider is using. Now you can use your Cloud LRS to accept statements from anywhere, in a secure and “real-world usable” way. All of the things that couldn’t be done before due to security/authentication issues can be done now.
LRS Viewer
See all of the xAPI statements that have been sent to your LRS. Filter statements to see only the ones you care about, and export them to take them to another LRS. Click on a statement to see the raw statement data.
Have questions about using xAPI? Drop us a note at or check out for prototypes and resources to help get started. 
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