Setting up activity providers in SCORM Cloud


First click the LRS tab and navigate to towards the middle of the page. This is the area where you can give an activity provider the ability to send statements to your LRS. You can also use them to forward statements to an external LRS.


1. Just click the "Add Activity Provider" button, and a new instance will be added.

2. Edit the "name" to keep yourself organized.




4. Choose basic auth or OAuth, depending on what authentication type your activity provider is using.

4. Select the Allowed Endpoints

5. Also note this credential is marked as "Read/Write" by default. The options are:

  • "Read/Write" - Allowed to write to the endpoint, and allowed to read data written by this credential (but not other credentials)
  • "Read Any" - Not allowed to write, but able to read data written by any credential (this is the most common for a reporting system)
  • "Read Only" - Not allowed to write, but allowed to read data previously written by this credential (but not other credentials)
  • "Write Only" - Allowed to write, unable to read

You can read more about building with SCORM Cloud and xAPI here.

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