Content Controller: Testing Content & Debug Logs

Content Controller allows you to test and configure your content in the “Content” section of the application. This may be useful for a variety of reasons, such as simply previewing a course before sharing with an account, making sure completion and score data are reporting properly or configuring certain settings to improve interoperability with LMSs.
As you make changes to the settings, you can click “Save & Launch” at anytime to see the changes implemented. You can also click “Undo” to revert back to the previous settings. (Note: Content Controller will only save your previous settings one time, so you can only go back to the most recent settings.)
Changes to the configuration of content do not apply to accounts you have already shared the content with. But changes will apply to any future instances of adding a course to an account. (This is to avoid any issues changing the configuration of content that is already being accessed by learners - which could be problematic!)
Content Controller also stores debug logs for each test you do in the application. These are helpful to troubleshoot issues, and you can easily share the logs with others. Each log is stored for 30 days, though you can also clear all logs sooner if desired.
This debug can also be shared. Just click the "Share" button on the right. This will generate a URL that can be shared.

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