The Local Web Services version of SCORM Engine is Evolving.

We’re excited to announce that SCORM Engine Local Web Services will be evolving into the latest and greatest release of SCORM Engine, version 2016.1!
We’ve spent a lot of effort over the last year making sure we can support an upgrade path for you, our valued LocalWS customers, that is both seamless and beneficial. This move will give you access to all of the exciting benefits available in SCORM Engine 2016.1, listed below, as well as all future Engine releases.
As always, new releases are included in your license, so no need to worry about additional fees. That being said, let us know when there’s a good time to schedule your upgrade.
What’s new for LocalWS Customers in Engine 2016.1?
  • Support for cmi5
  • xAPI overhaul to improve performance and conformance
  • Responsive SCORM Player
  • Improved Postgres support
  • Improved Oracle support
  • Security Fixes
Click here for more helpful information regarding the transition and path forward.
If you’re ready to upgrade or have questions about SCORM Engine 2016.1, let us know. You can contact Ryan and Joe at to get the ball rolling!
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