SCORM Engine 2016.1 is Released!!!

We’re excited to announce that the newest release of SCORM Engine — SCORM Engine 2016.1 — is now available, and includes quite a few enhancements (more on that below).
As always, new releases are included in your license, so no need to worry about additional fees. That being said, let us know when there’s a good time to schedule your upgrade.
New Features in 2016.1:
SCORM Engine now fully supports cmi5 published learning content. cmi5 provides a more predictable framework for xAPI content launched from within LMSs. You can read more about the cmi5 specification and how to use it here.
Expanded xAPI Integration Functionality
SCORM Engine is now available via a REST API which makes it much easier for developers to integrate Engine with your LMS. And, we’ve added new REST resources for managing your LRS credentials. Learn more about that here.
New Default Player UI
The SCORM player in Engine has a new user interface that is now mobile-friendly and responsive!
If you’re ready to upgrade or have questions about SCORM Engine 2016.1, let us know. The best way to get the ball rolling would be to send Ryan and Joe an email at  
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