SCORM Cloud Release - 11/10/2022


Features / Changes

SCORM Cloud Website

  • Fixed a bug where an Application's name could be updated to be blank
  • Fix issue where users were unable to create a prepay invoice with certain postal codes of a short length


  • Added an optional X-Total-Count header to the first response from a request to one of the paginated endpoints. This approximates how many records will return if all pages are requested
  • Fixed an issue with CreateFetchAndImportCourseJob where jobs would fail for course package URLs with long query strings
  • Fixed an issue with CreateRegistration where passing in an empty string as the registration ID would return a 500 error
  • Fixed wording in the error message for 404 responses to GetLti13DispatchLaunch


  • Updated the authorization modals on the interactive API Reference Page to include descriptions of the different authorization types. Removed the authorization modal for endpoints that do not require authentication
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